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About Hot Box ®

Hot Box® has been designing and manufacturing water equipment enclosures since 1986. We originated as a design arm of an industrial insulation contracting company in Jacksonville, FL. We have since grown to be the largest designer/manufacturer of backflow equipment enclosures in the U.S.

Headquarted in Jacksonville, FL, Hot Box® markets nationally through a network of manufacturer's representatives and wholesale distributors. Enclosures are designed and manufactured out of both aluminum and fiberglass, are generally insulated with polyisocyanurate foam and are often heated.

Enclosures are manufactured for the irrigation, plumbing, fire, water/wastewater and utility markets.

The Hot Box® is designed to enhance the installation of backflow prevention, pump, and sprinkler assemblies, pressure vacuum breakers, air release valves, etc. in the most economical, accessible location - outside, above ground. More and more designers, utilities, and contractors are putting the Backflow Preventer "at the curb" to eliminate the problems encountered in equipment rooms (no costly floor space, drainage constraints..) and pits (OSHA 29 CFR, parts 1910 flooding, accessibility ..)

Engineered features such as heater sizing (freeze protection), drain sizing, service access, and rigid construction make the Hot Box® the permanent solutions to the problem of protecting your outdoor piping systems.


Hot Box® Enclosures

  • Heated, insulated, fiberglass enclosures
  • Heated, insulated, aluminum enclosures

Lok Box® Enclosures

  • Unheated, insulated, fiberglass enclosures
  • Unheated, insulated, aluminum enclosures

Hot Rok® Enclosures

  • Heated or unheated, insulated or uninsulated, artificial fiberglass rocks (Lok Rok TM as the unheated version)

Poly Rok® Enclosures

  • Heated or unheated, insulated or uninsulated, artificial plastic rocks

Valve Guard® Enclosures

  • Unheated, uninsulated, fiberglass enclosures for backflow assemblies, valves, meters, control valves and pumps

Pump Guard® Enclosures

  • Heated, or unheated, insulated, or uninsulated, vented, fiberglass enclosures for pumps and control panels

Vent Guard® Enclosures

  • Unheated, Insulated, fiberglass enclosures for water distribution air release valves

EZ Box® Enclosures

  • Unheated, insulated, economy fiberglass drop over enclosures for backflow prevention assemblies and control valves

Glass Pad® Enclosures

  • Fiberglass mounting pads available for most standard fiberglass flip-top and Hot Rok® products. Set the device, pad, & enclosure and walk away with the job complete in one trip!


  • CAD design available for piping/pumping system layouts.
  • Email CAD file capability expedites design services.
  • Our staff has designed and manufactured enclosures on projects from Key West to the North Pole, from Portland, MA to Los Angeles, and has recently broken the international barrier with our first shipment to China.
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