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Solar Foundations Description

Supporting Renewable Energy from the Ground Up

Solar PanelsHelicals versus Concrete and Driven Piles

  • Save time and money
    • Fast installation
    • Immediate loading
  • Solve difficult site problems:
    • Access limitations
    • Poor soil conditions
    • Frost heave
    • Soil removal or grading — none required!
      Unlike concrete, Chance helical foundations can be scheduled throughout the year and in any weather condition. There is no waiting for concrete to cure, no excavation and no spoils removal. Chance helical foundations are ideal for areas inaccessible by conventional construction. They install in almost any type of terrain, including steep inclines, flood plains, glacial till, sand, swamps and bogs. Your crews have many options available for difficult installation situations.
  • Green alternative to concrete
    • No water required for helical foundations
    • Made with recycled materials
    • Easily removed – sustainable, reusable
    • Low environmental impact installation
    • Efficient installation reduces carbon footprint
  • Designed for long life, our sustainably made goods use less of the Planet but deliver more benefits to us all.


What started in 1912 as an entrepreneurial venture to anchor telephone poles evolved into the creation of the world’s leading manufacturer of helical piling, anchoring, and earth retention systems. As a business unit of Hubbell Power Systems, CHANCE® is recognized around the globe as the preeminent producer of helical foundation products engineered for multiple applications, including the construction of solar and wind energy systems. We take pride in our unsurpassed ability to custom-engineer helical solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of each individual project. Our site-specific, modular component systems are designed to perform in most soil conditions, in any locale. They can be installed quickly and easily and they’re environmentally conscious, as well. CHANCE is listed with all major building codes, including the UBC, BOCA, SBCCI and CCMC (Canadian). The company is ISO9001 Certified, which ensures that each and every product we ship meets the highest quality standards.

Engineering Excellence

90% Recycled MaterialAt CHANCE, “engineering excellence” isn’t just a phrase, its a way of doing business. For example, a key consideration in the use of helical piles for solar applications is the customized nature of the base plate connection between the pile and the panel. That’s
where CHANCE engineers excel. We have a reputation for close collaboration between our engineers and our customers to design customized connections and pile configurations to solve the challenges created by varying soils and weather conditions. Our priority is to engineer a foundation sufficient to resist all applied loads while still allowing for quick and easy installation. For one recent project, our engineers went so far as to develop a new drive tool to work specifically with the final design.

Ease and Speed

An advantage credited to helical piles is the inherent ease and speed of installation. CHANCE helical piles are the answer for reducing project construction time and saving on energy, consumption of resources, and reduction of the contractor’s carbon
footprint. Although a function of installation and not manufacturing, the fact is that helical piles allow for installation rates as high as 500 piles per day. Helical piles can often be shorter, and therefore cost less, than comparable driven piles or drilled shafts.

Facts You Should Know

  • In manufacturing its CHANCE helical pile system, the company processes more than 100 million pounds of domestic steel annually at its Centralia, Missouri-based facility. We’re proud to be able to say “Made in the USA.”
  • CHANCE is listed with all major building codes, including the Uniform Building Code (UBC), BOCA, SBCI and CCMC (Canadian).
  • CHANCE has submitted an application package to ICC-ES and is pending approval for an evaluation report per AC358.
  • CHANCE is ISO9001 Certified, ensuring that each and every anchor and foundation shipped meets the highest quality standards.
  • CHANCE employees represent over 11,000 years combined experience in engineering and manufacturing.
  • CHANCE manufactures using low-impact recycled materials, avoiding those which damage human health, ecological health, and those which deplete resources.
  • CHANCE is the only helical manufacturer with an ICC-ES accredited laboratory. The lab is fully equipped to conduct torsion, tension, compression and lateral load tests on helical pile products.
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