For sales and support visit:


Commercial & Industrial

Underground Sales

10825 7th St., Unit F
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Phone: 714-745-9802

Covering: Southern California

Electrical Utilities

Bryan Jones

Phone: 573-682-8883

Covering: Southern California

Jeff Rhed

Phone: 573-682-8877

Covering: Northern California


Shane Kittle

Phone: 916-612-6200

Water Utilities

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.

Sam Johnson
Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 916-742-3301

Brands: Quazite, Hubbell, Comcore
Covering: All counties

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.

Thomas Sullivan
National Sales Manager - Hot Box Enclosures

Phone: 404-596-1422

Brands: Hot Box
Covering: All counties
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