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Commercial & Industrial

Gormley-Farrington, Inc.

339 Haymaker Road
1103 Parkway Building
Monroeville, PA 15146

Pat Gormley

Phone: 412-856-5740
Fax: 412-856-5762

Brands: Quazite, Hubbell, Comcore
Covering: East of & including Columbi, Carroll, Harrison, Bellmont, Monroe, & Washington

Hasselbach & Associates, Inc.

1125 Glendale-Milford Road
Cincinnati, OH 45215

Steve Kieres

Phone: 513-771-9909
Fax: 513-771-9910

Brands: Quazite, Hubbell, Comcore
Covering: Entire state excluding Columbia, Carroll, Harrison, Bellmont, Monroe, Washington, and all counties East thereof

Electrical Utilities

Matt Oneto

Phone: 573-682-8736

Covering: all except Consolidated Edison

Brian Johannssen

Phone: 573-682-8878

Covering: Consolidated Edison

Electrical Utilities

John Breidenbach

Phone: 573-682-8843
Covering: Ohio - Dayton Area, American Electric Power

Keith Akright

Phone: 573-682-8866
Covering: Ohio - Cincinnati

Marc Stratton

Phone: 573-682-8846
Covering: Ohio - Except Cincinnati and Dayton

Dan Hospers

Phone: 573-682-8871
Covering: Duke Energy


Tim O'Brien

Phone: 440-396-4306

Water Utilities

Disney McLane

428 McGregor Ave.
Cincinnatti, OH 45206

Lisa Zornes

Phone: 513-861-1682
Phone: 800-542-1682

Brands: Hubbell, Comcore, Hot Box®
Covering: All Counties
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