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NE712000 Series Shelters



  • Locking Systems. Standard for lift-offdoors includes cast bronze hasp pivot arm and block with 1/2" diameter hole
    for padlock.
  • DF-3 applications include captive 1/2" diameter stainless steel penta bolt in addition to standard locking system.
  • DF-1 applications are same as DF-3 except with additional secure innerdoor.
  • Lift-off doors are standard except for NE824000 and NE101400 which utilize split hinged doors.
  • Louver Assembly: Two types of louver assemblies are available.

CAD Drawing

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Specifications for NE712000 (Style A)
Description Base
A. Front Width 71
B. Side Width 60
C. Overall Height 64-3/4
D. Cube Front 58-1/2
E. Cube Side 49-1/2
F. Cube Height 61
G. Door Width 55
H. Door Height 32-1/2
I. Pad to Clear Opening 15-3/4
No. of Anchor Bolts 4
N. Front Bolts C-C 45
O. Side Bolts C-C 54-1/2
P. Front Edge of Pad 4-1/4
Q. Side Edge of Pad 15
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 400
  • Old Model Number: 71-2


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