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*Ball-studs do not interchange with system on page 3014.

Ball-and-socket design for multiple uses

For restricted-space applications and as a truck-grounding system, this compact design delivers a high-current rating usually associated with only large clamps.

It applies to a wide range of switching equipment, including:

  • Industrial metalclad gear,
  • Substations - indoors and out,
  • Distribution - overhead and underground.

For trucks, a *ball stud permanently mounts on each body. For three-phase livefront set, see page 3015.

Two clamp styles and three ball-stud lengths adapt to many applications. Clamp bodies, eyescrews and *ball-studs are bronze alloy. Tin-plated ball-studs have nominal 1"-diameter ball and stud to fit NEMA terminal pads. Lockwasher and nut are silicone bronze.

ASTM Designation of Type I, Class A, Grade 5 for any of these clamps is met if associated grounding-cable sets are fitted with 5/8" copper ferrules as on page 3019.

Fault Current Ratings

  • 43,000 Amps - 15 cycles
  • 30,000 Amps - 30 cycles

Recommended Installing Torques

  • Eyescrew 250 inch-pounds
  • * Ball Stud 300 inch-pounds

Long stud shank accepts most types of grounding clamps

Socket clamps provide multi-angle attachment of grounds

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