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Electro-Static Precipitator Grounding Tool Sets

Simple Safety Procedures

By design, this tool set provides a reliable means of draining off static charges that remain on collector plates after electrostatic-precipitator pollution-control equipment is deenergized for servicing.

With the electrical system of the precipitator de-energized, first secure the tool's grounding clamp to a known ground. Then use the insulated handle to bring the Copper hook in contact with the precipitator collector plates. The Contact hook hangs from the collector plates (with the grounding clamp still attached to ground) while service is performed on the precipitator.

When maintenance is completed, use the insulated handle to remove the contact hook from the collector plates. Then remove the ground clamp before re-energizing the precipitator.

Pre-assembled for Ready Use

Epoxiglas® handle (42" x 1-1/4") meets OSHA electrical requirements, gives operator sufficient added reach needed to make contacts. Contact hook of 98%-conductive Copper is doublebolted to handle. T-handle Aluminum grounding clamp with serrated flat-face jaw assures proper bonding. Jaws open to 1-1/2" for attachment to grounded structural angles, flats or rods. Extra-flexible (1638 strands) Copper grounding cable, 7 ft., with clear jacket fitted with Copper terminal at each end gives high current-carrying capability.

Catalog No. Description Weight, each
T6000891 Electrostatic Grounding Set 7 lb./3.2 kg.
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