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Arc Snuffer Removal & Replacement Tools

Without de-energizing URD bushings, these two hot-line tools permit easy retrieval of broken arc snuffers and installation of replacements.

Designed to ensure adequate electrical clearances, both tools are to be used expressly in a Grip All clampstick. Integral ring on each tool retracts into clampstick. Tool bodies are high-impact plastic with steel inserts.

Removal Tool works on the principle of a bolt extractor. Inserted into a damaged arc snuffer, it permits retrieval by unscrewing the broken part.

Replacement Tool controls alignment with a spring-action center post that snaps into the arc snuffer bore. Two steel lugs of the tool engage holes in the snuffer collar to transmit tightening torque.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4032037 Removal Tool 1/4 lb./0.1 kg.
C4032036 Replacement Tool 1/4 lb./0.1 kg.
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