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Standard Aerial Platforms

Chance Standard Platforms are designed to provide a convenient workstation on an aerial structure. They quickly mount in position on the structure to place workers in the correct relationship to the work area.

Each Standard Aerial Platform listed below is
10" wide and furnished with a Fixed Pole Mount

Catalog No. Description Weight
H496442W 42-in. Standard Platform 40 lb./18 kg.
H49644W 4-ft. Standard Platform 49 lb./22 kg.
H49646W 6-ft. Standard Platform 56 lb./25.2 kg.
H49648W 8-ft. Standard Platform 71 lb./32 kg.

Each Standard Aerial Platform below is
10" wideand furnished with an Epoxiglas
Railing and Fixed Pole Mount

Catalog No. Description Weight
T4020632 10-ft. Standard Platform 86 lb./39.7 kg.
T4020619 12-ft. Standard Platform 105 lb./47.3 kg.

Mounting options and accessories

These platforms are furnished with a Fixed Pole Mount for maintenance jobs that do not require frequent platform relocation. Pivot Mounts (available below as optional accessories) allow the platform to be swiveled on its horizontal plane to different positions for a certain operations. For belt-on and as restraining guides for workers, Epoxiglas Tripods or Railings may be added, see page 2357.

Non-skid surface

For improved footing, three strips of 2" non-skid tape extend the length of the platform working surface. A bare section near the mounting end helps reduce moisture accumulation in inclement weather and provides an area between the working surface and the mount fittings that can be readily wiped clean of dirt and moisture when necessary.

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