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Pole Handling Tools


The EPOXIGLAS Handle Cant Hook replaces the conventional wood handle cant hook. The handle is made of 2" diameter x 4' long orange EPOXIGLAS. The hook is one-piece high carbon steel, end upset, forged and drawn to a point. The gripper casting incorporations 2 sets of teeth for improved grip on all pole sizes. The hook base casting is adjustable to set poles of varying diameters. A hex head bolt and lockwasher hold the base casting in the desired position.

Catalog No. Description Approx. Wt. Ea.
C3050008 Cant Hook 10 lb./4.5 kg.


The point, secured by a spring-button lock, can be reversed to protect point and avoid damage to equipment when not in use.

Epoxiglas Pike Poles do not absorb moisture so they will not rot or warp. Epoxiglas has excellent mechanical properties and is relatively light in weight.

Catalog No. Pole Diameter & Length Approx. Weight
214PH 2" x 14' 10-1/2 lb./4.8 kg.
216PH 2" x 16' 11-3/4 lb./5.3 kg.
218PH 2" x 18' 13 lb./5.9 kg.


Working the Chance Pole Tong like giant pliers, one worker can guide a pole into place during installation. Before this practical tool was developed, it took two workers with peavey sticks to do the job. Apply pressure to keep the jaws closed, the worker controls the forward, backward, side-to-side, and rotary movements of the pole as it is lowered by a winch line or the winch on a hydraulic boom. It is not necessary to regrip the pole, once the jaws are firmly hooked slightly above the intended ground level. Fits poles from 7 to 16 inches in diameter.

Catalog No. Handle Length Approx. Weight
C200T 3 ft. 17 lb./6.6 kg.


The two-in-one tool performs the functions of both a cant hook and a pole tong without spiking the pole. With positive control, it grasps poles of round or other geometric cross sections (square, hex, etc.) made of metal, fiber, concrete or wood.

Latex-impregnated nylon-web strap (1-3/4" x 6 feet) rated at 7,500 lb. tensile strength securely grips poles, even large diameter poles. Rugged design also includes a 2"-diameter x 4 feet Chance orange Epoxiglas® handle with plastisol butt cap, a cast-aluminum head and two forged-steel bails.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C3050021 Pole Wrench 6-1/2 lb./2.9 kg.

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