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2011 News

Date Articles Download
9-2011 Hubbell Storm Response to Hurricane Irene View
6-2011 New Hubbell Electric Utility Catalog View
5-2011 New Line Card from Hubbell Enclosures View
5-2011 ANDERSON™ Updates EHV Substation Connector Catalog

2010 News

Date Articles Download
10-11-10 Revised CHANCE® Tools Catalog View
8-9-10 New Ohio Brass Surge Arrester Brochure
7-28-10 New Connectors and Fittings Distribution Catalog
5-24-10 New Ground Set Configurator
3-24-10 Updated Ohio Brass Transmission Insulator Catalog
3-5-10 New Connectors and Fittings Transmission and Substation Catalog
2-19-10 We've updated the Hubbell Power Systems web site. Take a look! New Web Site 2010

2009 News

Date Articles Download
7-20-09 When DISASTER Strikes... When Disaster Strikes
3-9-09 CDR: Products for the Wind Power Industry
3-8-09 Hubbell Storm Response Team Reinforces Service Reputation after Gustav, Hanna, Ike & Northeast Ice Storms

2008 News

Date Articles Download
12-1-08 Hubbell Power Systems Distribution Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary
10-3-08 Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, Ike - Response and Recovery
10-3-08 Hubbell Power Systems announces reorganization of their sales activities marketed under the PCORE Electric, Electro Composites and USCO Power Equipment brand names.
10-1-08 Hubbell Power Systems Mounts Massive Response to Destructive Hurricanes
10-1-08 Hubbell Power Systems Acquires Three New Brands
9-24-08 Hubbell Announces Three Aquisitions In Its Power Segment
2-5-08 Quadri*Sil Insulators
2-5-08 Silicone Compounds for High-Voltage Insulators: Compounding Silcone Rubber
(Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)
2-5-08 Silicone Compounds for High-Voltage Insulators: HPS Testing of Silicone Compounds
(Part 2 of a 2-Part Series)

2007 News

Date Articles Download
12-27-07 PCORE Busing Repair - Fast, Exact & Economical
11-12-07 Application Considerations for Gapped Silicon-Carbide Arresters Currently Installed on Utility High Voltage Installations
by Dennis W. Lenk, Fellow, IEEE
11-9-07 Arrester Enhances Performance: PDV-100 Optima
10-2-07 Hubbell Aquires PCORE Electric
7-11-07 Now Available: The Centralia Wizard, The Chance Company Story
5-2-07 Selectors Help in Product Selections
2-19-07 Who We Are
2-19-07 Hubbell Medals Club Sales Recognition Program
2-12-07 Renowned Chance Demonstrator Inducted Into Lineman's Museum
2-12-07 Hubbell & Border States Stay Prepared for Emergencies

2006 News

Date Articles Download
10-12-06 Chance® Civil Construction Publicity: HOME FRONT column
9-11-06 Barehanding 240 kV Taught in Chance® Live-Line Course
8-28-06 New Bolt Cutters With Fiberglass Handles
8-28-06 New Hand Line Block
8-28-06 New Chance Tool Catalog in Spanish
8-28-06 Universal Cutout Tool
8-7-06 Quazite® Underground Enclosures and Pads: Strongest and Safest on the Market
7-21-06 Quazite® Corrosion Resistance Guide for Polymer Concrete (Bulletin LC-1)
7-21-06 Don't Wait for Accidents Like These to Happen
7-21-06 Quazite® Handholes and Underground Electrical Enclosures
5-19-06 E-Newsletter: May 2006
  • IEEE Show in Dallas
  • New Substation Brochure
  • Free Hot Line Tool Poster
  • Updated Hot Line Tool Catalog
  • Chance Fiberglass Guy Strains
  • Technical Considerations: Protective Grounding and Jumpering
  • New Ohio Brass Protecta*Lite® Systems Catalog Section
  • Grip-All Clampsticks
  • Chance® Anchor Seminar
  • Ohio Brass Surge Arrester Seminar
5-15-06 Hubbell Agrees to Acquire Strongwell Lenoir City, Inc.
4-12-06 Hubbell Power Systems Acquires Fabrica De Pecas Electricas Delmar
4-12-06 Recent Improvements in Distribution Surge Arrester Reliability by Steve Brewer - Hubbell Power Systems (Reprinted from the Fall 2005 issue of Handline, the official publication of Northwest Lineman's College.)
4-5-06 Protective Grounding and Jumpering
4-5-06 A. B. Chance and His First Earth Anchor
3-30-06 How Arresters Protect Against Lightning-Induced Outages
3-28-06 Encyclopedia of Anchoring
3-27-06 Hubbell Products for the Electric System (JPG)
3-23-06 Visit Hubbell at the IEEE Show (Apr. 06 T&N)
3-23-06 Branson Landing Project Requires Unique Engineering Solution (Apr. 06 T&N)
3-23-06 Automated Gang Switches Keep Power Flowing to Generation Pumping Station (Apr. 06 T&N)
1-31-06 Hubbell Power Systems Medals Club
1-24-06 World's Largest and Most Important Transmission and Distribution Conference
1-10-06 Watson To Head Hubbell Power Systems Distributor Marketing
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