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2008 Products of the Month

Month Product (click title to download) Brand Size
December Fargo Universal Toggle Latch "Z" Bar E 752K
Ohio Brass PDI Polymer Deadend Insulators J 804K
USCO Power Switches K 796K
High Voltage Bushings Extend Equipment Life I 952K
November Safety is top priority- Clean, test and protect your hot line tools C 196K
Ohio Brass Type SVN J 684K
USCO Power Switches I 848K
October The AS0D8581N Straight-Line, Spring-Loaded, Side-Opening Aluminum Deadend A 836K
Fiberglass Construction for your narrow profile systems B 740K
September Get Your NEW Equi-Zone Poster! C 1.3MB
Order Your New Quadri*Sil™ Catalog Today J 180K
August Transmission Line Repair: Look to Fargo Uni-Grip® Repair Deadends & Splices E 660K
"Wrench Room" Now Available! B 313K
Make High-Performance Electrical Connections with Hubbell Hi-Temperature Joint Compound A / E 708K
July Now Get All Theses Spools for All Our Mounting Bolts, Racks & Clevises! B 872K
Introducing the Chance® Encyclopedia of Grounding for De-Energized Construction and Maintenance C 656K
June Distribution Conductor Support Tools C 260K
Quadri*Sil™ Insulators H 852K
Underground Products Promotion H 992K
May Fiberglass Construction for Your Narrow Profile Systems B 960K
New Arrester Family Improves System Reliability J 772K
Fargo Stud Bar with Universal Toggle Latch UTSB8500L E 824K
April Versa-Tech® Recloser the only single-phase recloser you need B 1.5MB
Safe. Cost Effective Wildlife Protectors. E 752K
March Ship fast. Install fast. Fargo® Transmission Deadends E 696K
Pass...Or...Fail, Protective-Grounding Set Tester C 640k
February Nylon-Thread Crossarm Insulator Pins J 758K
Fargo AWDE 2nd Series Formed Wire Deadends E 652K
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