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2011 Products of the Month

Month Product (click title to download) Brand Size
December Chance® AIS DEADFRONT Advantages C 1.17 MB
Chance® Full-Range ARVI C 771 KB
Chance® Aluminum Brackets C 798 KB
November Chance® Substation Foundations C 617 KB
Hubbell® Flat Pads I 593 KB
Chance® AR Switch - The Original C 731 KB
October Chance® Transmission Foundations Products C 761 KB
Chance® First & Only 27kV Polymer Cutout C 608 KB
Chance® Pole Support Anchoring Products C 748 KB
September Anderson® & Fargo® Updated Transmission Catalog A 617 KB
Ohio Brass® MVN Arrester J 593 KB
Hubbell® Global View Brochure I 731 KB
August Fargo® Formed Wire Products E 771 KB
Chance® Automated Solutions C 604 KB
Ohio Brass® EVP Arrester J 731 KB
July Integral Jacket Seal Elbow H 629 KB
Chance® Single-Pull Sequence B 172 KB
Electro Composites SDC™ Solid Dielectric Bushings M 597 KB
Chance Programmable Sectionalizer B 387 KB
June Hubbell Electric Utility Enclosure Catalog I 604 KB
Chance15° 7-Hole Cloverleaf Single-Phase Cutout/Arrester Bracket C 165 KB
Chance Three-Phase By-Pass C 142 KB
HDPE Secondary Pedestals I 787 KB
May Quazite® Underground Enclosures L 742 KB
Anderson® Updated EHV Substation Catalog A 624 KB
April Ohio Brass® Updated PDI Design Insulator J 595 KB
Ohio Brass 80k lbs (300kN) Insulator J 684 KB
Anderson Hydraulic Crimp Tools A 657 KB
Chance Apitong Wood Braces C 167 KB
March Ohio Brass Braced Line Post Assemblies J 760 KB
Chance Class 2 Rubber Blanket C 164 KB
February Ohio Brass Optima Distribution Arresters J 558 KB
Chance Hot Line Tools and Tool Care Products C 172 KB
January FARGO® Wildlife Protectors E 557 KB
Helical Foundations for Solar Applications B 128 KB
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