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2013 Products of the Month

Month Product (click title to download) Brand Size
December CHANCE® Crossarm Link Stick C 337 KB
November CHANCE Leather Protector Gloves C 549 KB
Hubbell Sectionalizing Cabinets: Now You Have a Choice I 647 KB
October CHANCE Low-voltage Rubber Gloves: Solid Color Gloves C 348 KB
CHANCE Full Range Conductor Gauge C 694 KB
The Curve for Double Protection: Transformer & System Protection with CHANCE Slofast Fuse Links B 2.09 MB
FARGO Armor Rods F 478 KB
September CHANCE Easy on Cutout Bracket B 790 KB
CHANCE Meter Claw™ & Barrier B 539 KB
August FARGO® GDE5200 Guy Strand Deadends F 246 KB
CHANCE® 5H Grounding Sets C 188 KB
July AIS DEADFRONT Advantages B 162 KB
PCORE® - First High Seismically Rated 500 kV Bushing N 532 KB
June Slang Dictionary Revamped C 523 KB
Experience Hubbellville I 532 KB
Updated 25/28kV 200A Loadbreak Junctions H 461 KB
May Introducing the KR Splice I 366 KB
Seismic Capabilities - USCO® AVR 245kV Switch K 629 KB
Seismic Capabilities - Ohio Brass® Arresters J 590 KB
Tune in to our soils expert B 483 KB
Quadri*Sil® 3" Line Post Insulator J 345 KB
April AR Switch with Vacuum Interrupters B 273 KB
35 kV, 200 Amp Loadbreak Elbows H 1,462 KB
EZ Auger™ Bolt technology L 789 KB
3-phase PRS (Programmable Resettable Sectionalizer) I 908 KB
Uni-Directional Corona Ring J 332 KB
Quick-Change SS Anchor Tools B 530 KB
USCO® HH7 Hookstick Switch K 579 KB
March Fiberglass Construction: 15° 7-Hole Cloverleaf B 843 KB
CHANCE® Aluminum Full Line B 609 KB
The Assurance of Quazite® Quality L 609 KB
February 150kV BIL Polymer Cutout I 185 KB
January UltraVacLT 15kV Vacuum Capacitor Switch P 843 KB
New Video on USA Anchors C 609 KB
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