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Type K

Amps Catalog Number
*Solid Head †Removable Head
1 M1K23 M1KA23
2 M2K23 M2KA23
3 M3K23 M3KA23
6 M6K23 M6KA23
8 M8K23 M8KA23
10 M10K23 M10KA23
12 M12K23 M12KA23
15 M15K23 M15KA23
20 M20K23 M20KA23
25 M25K23 M25KA23
30 M30K23 M30KA23
40 M40K23 M40KA23
50 M50K23 M50KA23
65 M65K23 M65KA23
80 M80K23 M80KA23
100 M100K23 M100KA23
140 M140K23 M140KA23
200 M200K23 M200KA23
Twin Pigtail Type K and T fuse links


The fast characteristics of Type K fuse links were established by ANSI/NEMA to provide fuse links that would meet existing coordination schemes.

Chance Type K fuse links are designed to carry 150% of their rated current without damage to the fuse link itself or the cutout in which it is installed. This capacity is for special loading situations, such as short-time overloads and cold load pick-ups.

Fuse Elements

The fusible section of the 1 through 3 ampere Type K links consists of a stainless-steel fuse strain wire; the 6 through 10 ampere, stainless steel strain wire and a copper-alloy fuse wire; 12 through 100 amperes, a stainless steel strain wire and a silver-copper fuse wire; 140 and 200 ampere, a silver-copper fuse wire large enough to serve as both strain and fuse wire.

Buttonheads and Lengths

Conforming to all applicable ANSI/NEMA specifications, Chance Type K links are available with a removable or solid buttonhead.

Note: Catalog Numbers shown are 23" overall length; also available in 26" length. For 26": *Solid head K or T links, change the last two digits from 23 to 26. †Removable head K or T links, drop the last two digits.

Type Amps *Solid Head †Removable Head
K 200 M200K23T M200KA23T
T 200 M200T23T M200TA23T
K 140 M140K23T M140KA23T
T 140 M140T23T M140TA23T

Twin Pigtail Type K and T Fuse Links

The twin pigtail fuse link is convenient to work with and easier to install in the cutout than conventional single pigtail fuse links. The pigtails attach under the clamp with one on each side of the attachment stud.

* † Catalog Numbers shown are 23" in overall length; for 26", see Note above.

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